Book Reviews for Five Days of Fear

Jan 26, 2013 

MaryAnn Koopmann review online at

I felt such a part of this story; it was that compelling! I loved and could relate to the characters: their fear, their pain, their challenges, their interactions. The way Jessica sorted through faith issues was so real and encouraging. The suspense of what twists & turns would take place next in each of their lives kept me flipping pages quickly. Even now (a few weeks after completing the book), I miss these characters! Would recommend this book to anyone and wish for a sequel. 


Dec 11, 2012

Excerpts from A Novel Review: 


The first plot of the novel was playing out in my mind like a movie ...  There was everything a good action plot needs, terrorist threats, financial misdeeds, and great crime tracking technology. I actually felt this could be a modern day, real life story.
The second part of the plot, the love story, was my favorite. There is Jessie ... Then there is FBI Agent Dan ... I loved watching their friendship grow.
The fact that Five Days of Fear is a book without heavy violence or bad language made me enjoy it even more. I can easily recommend this novel for everyone.


Nov 28, 2012

Excerpts from Tiffany's Bookshelf: 


It does not take long to become invested in the story. The plot has a lot of depth, tying terrorism with financial fraud and a touch of jealous old boyfriend for good measure. While there is some intense themes at play (terrorism, violence, kidnapping, etc) it is done in a way that is not gratuitous, so it would be appropriate for high school readers as well as adults. 


Nov 19, 2012

Excerpt from A Bookish Way of Life: 


What a great read for the weekend! I spent all day Sunday plopped on my bed turning page after page of this unputdownable novel. I couldn't help myself, I was hooked from the start and had to find out what would happen in the end. Filled with suspense and thrills, this debut novel is a quick and engaging read. It is the epitome of a suspense thriller - drama, action, twists and turns. The writing is great, the characters are very relatable, and the mystery/suspense factor is exciting.


Nov 17, 2012

Excerpt from Lavish Bookshelf: 


With terrorist threats, financial misdeeds and the latest in crime tracking technology, Five Days of Fear is a crime novel with plot twists ripped from today's news headlines.


Nov 12, 2012

Excerpt from Karen's Korner Blogspot: 


The suspense was a nail-biter. I cannot wait for the sequel. This book is a must read for thriller/suspense readers.


Nov 9, 2012

Excerpt from Kristina's Favorites Blogspot:

David Kovach creates a whirlwind of excitement in a race to solve a mystery. I love how he combines excitement and edge-of-your seat scenes with a wholesome environment.

Two excerpts from Library Thing Early Reviewers: 


  • Great characters and a great story line. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • In this, his debut novel, David Kovach has hit it out of the park. A thriller that involves the FBI, search dogs, high profile corporate hijinks, revenge, a kidnapping and a traumatized family holding onto faith and hope. Well-researched and tensely written, the tension is only broken by an evolving relationship and a loving family. An intense drama that keeps the reader glued to the book.   [Note: The full text of this review is at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.]