Books of Love and Faith

David Kovach has released three eBooks. One is a novel and two are nonfiction works. A Reluctant Truce is a romantic comedy that takes place in New York City but ends at a college campus far from NYC. The nonfiction works address challenges to the accuracy of Scripture. Details on each book are shown below. 

The Fall From Innocence

The Fall From Innocence

and its Message to the 21st Century Church


This short book looks at the fall of Adam and Eve and its truths that are still relevant today. Its focus is on the unchangeable truths of Scripture.


Topics include:

​* Why did God test Adam and Eve?

* Why was Satan there?

* God judgements and their relevance


* The implications of not believing in

    an historic Adam and Eve.


Available for free on the free download page.

A Reluctant Truce

Janel Langley wanted to go to college. She wanted a university that was affordable, far away from her family in Manhattan and highly rated by the media industry for its Graphic Design Department. She also needed a school that was the last place on earth that Justin Sanders would attend. 


Justin Sanders wanted to go to college. He wanted a university that was affordable, far away from his family in Manhattan and highly rated by the architectural industry for its Architecture Department. He also wanted a school that was the last place on earth that Janel Langley would attend. 


With a little help, fate found their school. Read A Reluctant Truce and watch as Janel and Justin are rudely introduced to fate and forgiveness. 


Targeted audience: Romantic comedy fans.

Age appropriateness: 12 to 92.


Available at Amazon here.

Daniel and The Tribulation:

Three Kings, Three Edicts, One Week Still to Come


Daniel 9:24-27 has intrigued author David Kovach for several years. The usual explanation of combining the 7 and 62 weeks in verse 25 to make a single 69-week period seemed contrived. Thus, Dave investigated both Scripture and other evidences for a more natural explanation. The result is the book Daniel and The Tribulation which looks at the fulfillment of these two time periods as well as examining Scripture for the coming fulfillment of Daniel's 70th week. 


In this book we examine:

  • Which King gave the command to rebuild Jerusalem. 
  • How the 7 'weeks' (49 years) were precisely fulfilled. 
  • How the 62 'weeks' (434 years) were precisely fulfilled. 
  • What a likely scenario for the coming last 'week' (7 years) will look like. 
  • Historical and celestial data, as well as the works of the historian Josephus, are involved in determining the fulfillment of Scripture. 
  • Possible dates are proposed for:
  1. the birth of Christ, 
  2. the visit of the Magi, and 
  3. the crucifixion of Jesus.


Available at Amazon here.